When will we become an interplanetary civilization?

This time, Aidas Sadauskas, a lecturer at the University of Planetarium in Vilnius University and a PhD student in astrophysics, will give a talk on the topic “When will we become an interplanetary civilization?”.

It has been 50 years since we first landed on the moon, but we still haven’t visited any other planets. Stories about Mars travels can be found in a variety of movies, TV shows and books, but will we be able to do it for real? What does it take for mankind to finally become an interplanetary civilization? Or maybe we don’t need it at all?

Event will be held at bar “Čingis” (Address: Jono Basanavičiaus street 8a, Vilnius, Lithuania), on December 9th, at 6 pm.

Important notice: the lecture will be given in Lithuanian language!

EVENT IS FREE and suitable for everyone interested in science!

Publiée par Open Readings sur Samedi 30 novembre 2019


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