Unexpected friendship: nanoparticles and stem cells

We are introducing our first virtual Cafe Scientifique lecture! This time, Junior Researcher of National Cancer Institute and L’Oréal Baltic scholarship “For women in science” winner Dominyka Dapkutė will talk about an unexpected friendship between two of her research objects – nanoparticles and stem cells.

The synergy of nanoparticles and stem cells raises a lot of hope for diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses. Scientist are striving to use the might of nanoparticles in order to track implanted stem cells, control their microenvironment and perfect their differentiation. Where and how can we use stem cells? What is the potential role of nanoparticles in stem cell therapy? How are these modern technologies already being used in the field of medicine? During this presentation, you will hear about how to combine these two innovations in order to achieve best possible results.

Time: February 2nd, 6pm.

Place: MS Teams

This year Cafe Scientifique encourages you to grab a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine at home and hear our invited speakers talk about scientific research and innovations they are passionate about. These meetings are held in order to bring science from traditional academic environment to where everybody can hear about it and understand it better.

The event will be held in Lithuanian.

Photo sources: DELFI/Kiril Čachovskij || SCIENCE/C. Bickel