Revolution of Synthetic Biology – how is it going to change our daily lives?

Do not miss the fourth Café Scientifique event! This time Molecular biology student from Vilnius University and Vilnius iGem 2019 team leader Valentas Brasas will give us a lecture “Revolution of Synthetic Biology – how is it going to change our daily lives?“.

The power of modern, science-based biotechnology, which began in the late 1970s, has been accelerated by recent developments, such as massive DNA synthesis, sequencing and CRISPR tools for genome editing. The combination of these tools with other technologies in the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and IT, has opened new opportunities for the currently evolving field of research – synthetic biology. The lecture will present the latest projects in synthetic biology that are already or will be changing economy and industry that are very different from what we know today.

EVENT IS FREE and suitable for everyone interested in science!

Event will be held at bar “Čingis” (Address: Jono Basanavičiaus street 8a, Vilnius, Lithuania), on February 18th, at 6 pm.

Important notice: the lecture will be given in Lithuanian language!

Publiée par Open Readings sur Lundi 27 janvier 2020


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Café Scientifique event is sponsored by: EPS Young Minds (YMCA2020A01), SPIE Student Chapter Vilnius University, OSA Vilnius University Student Chapter.