Peter Uhd Jepsen

L2Peter Uhd Jepsen is a Professor at the Technical University of Denmark where he is leading the enthusiastic team of scientists in the Terahertz Technologies & Biophotonics research group. He has been active in this particular field since 1993. During his career he has worked with fundamental aspects of generation, propagation, and detection of short pulses of coherent THz radiation. In 1995 Peter Uhd Jepsen and his team in Freiburg were among the first to demonstrate free-space electro-optic sampling of ultrafast THz signals, a technique which since has become one of the few available standard THz detection techniques. He has then used coherent THz light for ultrafast spectroscopy in semiconductor materials and electro-optic materials. In 2000 Jepsen and his team were the first to demonstrate the rich THz vibrational spectrum of organic molecules in crystalline form. This work was one of the initiators of the current interest in a wide range of applications of THz radiation.

Peter Uhd Jepsen has supervised 16 Master projects and 14 PhD projects. He has published around a hundred peer-reviewed papers in leading international journals on THz science and technology, has been cited around 8000 times and given numerous invited talks at international conferences.

L2After he was awarded the Habilitation for his work in THz science and technology at the University of Freiburg in 2003, he received a Skou Stipend from the Danish Research Council in 2004. Since 2005 he has been at COM•DTU at the Technical University of Denmark, where he is leading the THz Science and Technology group. Peter Uhd Jepsen received Elektrofondets Elektropris in May 2007 for his contributions to THz science and technology. His specialties include terahertz science and technology, ultrafast optics, nonlinear frequency conversion, development of novel sensing applications, supervision of PhD and Master students, scuba diving.