Inside Nature Communications

April 20th 10:15-10:45 (A101)

Invited Speaker – Dr. Cristiano Matricardi

Cristiano Matricardi is a Senior Editor at Nature Communications. He obtained his Ph.D from the Institute of Material Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) working on hybrid plasmonic-photonic nanostructures for enhanced spectroscopies. Before joining Nature Communications, Cristiano Matricardi worked as an Assistant Editor for MDPI. Currently, he oversees the manuscripts in the fields of topological photonics, nonlinear optics and lasing.


Since its launch in 1869, Nature has seen its mission as two-fold: facilitating the prompt communication of the most important scientific developments to the relevant research communities, while at the same time fostering a greater appreciation of these works amongst the wider public. Although the publishing landscape for scientific research is currently undergoing a period of rapid change, these core principles remain largely unchanged.

The special event “Inside Nature Communications” will endeavor to explain how Nature editors – those based at Nature Communications – apply these principles in practice, and so determine which few of the many excellent research submissions that we receive make it through to publication. Furthermore, we will review classical and less know editorial contents to foster the dissemination of the best manuscript published in the nature portfolio from editorials to Q&As and podcasts.