Five major challenges of thermonuclear synthesis

We are inviting you to our third Cafe Scientifique! This time you will hear about challenges of thermonuclear synthesis from Adomas Lukenskas. He received his Master’s degree in nuclear engineering from Imperial College and has worked on nuclear synthesis projects at United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. Now he is working with International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) – the largest thermonuclear synthesis reactor in the world.

Thermonuclear synthesis has been hailed as the Holy Grail and the future of energy. Scientists have been laboring for over 70 years to bend this energy source to their will but even after all this time, it is expected to have commercially available thermonuclear energy only after 30 years. So, what are the major challenges of thermonuclear synthesis and what hurdles exactly are preventing us from fulfilling this dream? During the lecture, Adomas will not only talk about the problems related to this energy source but also offer possible solutions to them, as well as unveiling his own part in this thermonuclear synthesis adventure.

Time: February 17th, 7pm.

Place: MS Teams

This year Cafe Scientifique encourages you to grab a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine at home and hear our invited speakers talk about scientific research and innovations they are passionate about. These meetings are held in order to bring science from traditional academic environment to where everybody can hear about it and understand it better.

Attention! This event will be held in Lithuanian.

Photo sources: A. Lukenskas || A. Marko