AI in Cyber Security: Will Machines Replace Humans?

We are inviting you all to our second Cafe Scientifique lecture during which NRD Cyber Security technical expert Monika Venčkauskaitė will talk about artificial intelligence in the world of cyber security and will try to answer one of the most important questions of our age: will we replace humans with computers?

The most recent development in cyber security is machine learning used to trace intruder behavior and illegal activity. Thus, how are these machine learning models made and how are they used for cyber security? How far are we in machine learning development and can we replace cyber security analysts completely?

Time: February 9th, 7pm.

Place: MS Teams

This year Cafe Scientifique encourages you to grab a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine at home and hear our invited speakers talk about scientific research and innovations they are passionate about. These meetings are held in order to bring science from traditional academic environment to where everybody can hear about it and understand it better.

Attention! This event will be held in Lithuanian.

Photo sources: NRD Cyber Security