Zoom platform

Here you can find Zoom link to participate
Main information

The conference will be implemented using Zoom platform (https://zoom.us/). Please be sure to have the latest version of Zoom app installed since connections using a web browser may have limited functionality. The latest version of Zoom app can be downloaded here. We also ask You to prepare appropriate communication equipment (webcam, microphone, speakers/headphones, etc.) and test it before Your presentation. We kindly ask You to use headphones with a microphone for better sound quality. 

Please check system requirements at:

After connecting to Open Readings 2022 using provided link or Meeting ID and Passcode You will find yourself in the main room, where opening, plenary, social and closing sessions will take place.

After the plenary talk, each day the conference will split into two parallel sessions which will take place in the two Breakout Rooms: Red” room for sessions with odd numbers (1,3,5,7,9,11, 13, 15) and Green” room for sessions with even numbers (2,4,6,8,10,12, 14, 16). To access those sessions please press the “Breakout Rooms” button on the main Zoom control panel, scroll to the corresponding room, select it and press join:

Important: If You do not see the “Breakout Rooms” button in the menu – You must update Your Zoom app. Go to  https://zoom.us/download, download “Zoom Client for Meetings”, install it and try to connect again.

Please be sure that Your microphone is muted before entering a Breakout room (the control icon is in the left bottom corner).

During presentations, You will be automatically muted, so comments/questions for the presenting author can be given in two different ways:

  • By pressing the “Chat button” on the main Zoom control panel and writing a question via a personal message to the session chairman (preferable way). Chairman will ask selected questions during a discussion at the end of the talk:

  • By pressing the Participants button on the main Zoom control panel and then pressing the “Raise Hand button” in the “Participants” window. Chairman will see Your raised hand and may ask You to unmute Your microphone and directly participate in the discussion:

We kindly ask the participants to always keep their microphones muted except they are presenting, chairing the session or participating in the discussion.

You are welcome to use our background.


  1. Join a Zoom meeting.
  2. In the menu click “Record”.
  3. If there is a menu, select “Record on this Computer”.
  4. Click “Share Screen” button to share Your poster or slides.
  5. After the presentation click “Stop Share”.
  6. To stop the recording click “Stop Recording” button. After the meeting has ended, Zoom will convert the recording so You can access the files.