March 5, 2021

Why and how do solar cells work?

We are inviting everyone to the fifth Cafe Scientifique lecture where we will be coming back to the topic of energy. Kaunas University of Technology researcher and organic chemist Artiom Magomedov will speak about solar cells, the benefits and challenges of developing them.

During the last decade, we’ve begun the electricity production revolution in order to get rid of our dependence on the fossil fuels. However, this process is far slower than we would like it to be. One of the technologies, crucial to our transition to “cleaner” energy is the solar cell. In the race to stop or at least manage the consequences of climate change, these cells should be created to be as effective as possible and yet, simple and cheap to produce. In this presentation, Artiom will talk about the future of solar cells and what challenges we’ll face in our attempts to maximize the solar energy efficiency.

Time: March 9th, 7 pm.

Place: MS Teams

This year Cafe Scientifique encourages you to grab a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine at home and hear our invited speakers talk about scientific research and innovations they are passionate about. These meetings are held in order to bring science from traditional academic environment to where everybody can hear about it and understand it better.

Attention! This event will be held in Lithuanian.

Photo sources: KTU