January 20, 2021

Tomas Tamulevičius

Tomas Tamulevičius is a Professor and Chief Researcher at the Institute of Materials Science of Kaunas University of Technology. He is also the Principal Investigator of Applied optics and photonics scientific group. This group aims to form a growing productive team of researchers carrying out worldwide ambitious research in the field of applied optics and photonics, actively involved in projects reflecting high technology business needs and the latest cutting-edge trends in science.

Main research topics of the group include characterization of light sources and photonic structures, their practical applications for laser technologies, as well as holographic technology for anti-counterfeiting applications. Various methods such as laser interferometry, holography, spectroscopic ellipsometry, laser ablation, Raman and FTIR spectroscopy are used for characterization of materials and surfaces as well as for imposing of micro- and nano- structures that can be further used for various applications. Ultrafast processes taking place in materials are investigated applying nonlinear optical phenomena and ultrashort laser pulses. Group’s activities and current projects also cover microscopic and optical characterization of metal nanoparticles, their ensembles and heterostructures as well as nanocomposite thin films.

Professor Tomas Tamulevičius has received many awards and prizes as a student and, later, a young scientist, including 2019 Lithuanian Science Award in technical sciences for the work cycle “Micro-/nanostructured materials and nanomaterials for sensors, photonics, and energy generation” (together with co-authors). Since 2020, he is a member of the Young Academy of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (Technical Sciences). He has authored around 100 publications, and, together with co-authors, has a patent for holographic sticker. A participant of previous Open Readings conferences, now he is actively involved in outreach activities promoting scientific phenomena in the field of applied optics and photonics for the general public.

From an interview at ktu.edu: “KTU professor Tomas Tamulevičius. Nanotechnologies – just for the movies? From counterfeiting prevention to the fight against viruses.”

“Good ideas are born while working. So a creative environment is crucial – being surrounded by researchers that are curious and devoted to their work, as well as open to ideas and adaptable to the changing needs of the world.


Students nowadays have many more opportunities than before. Almost 20 years ago, I, having finished KTU gymnasium, opened the doors to this faculty (now the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences). I cannot even imagine what the new generation will be able to achieve…”

Photo sources: KTU