December 13, 2021

Mantas Šimėnas

Dr. Mantas Šimėnas received his bachelor’s degree in physics at Vilnius University, then finished his master’s degree at Leipzig University, Germany. Mantas did his PhD in the field of EPR spectroscopy at Vilnius University. Currently, dr. Mantas Šimėnas is doing a postdoctoral internship at one of the best universities in the world – the University College London.

Mantas Šimėnas specializes in electron paramagnetic resonance, phase transformations and Monte Carlo modelling. He works as a senior researcher with electron paramagnetic resonance in the quantum spin dynamics group at the London centre of nanotechnology.

Researchers from the Faculty of Physics at Vilnius University dr. Mantas Šimėnas, dr. Kęstutis Aidas and prof. dr. Jūras Banys and colleagues from abroad discovered an original way to study quantum phenomena. Their research ’’Magnetic Excitation and Readout of Methyl Group Tunnel Coherence“ was published in the prestigious Science Advances magazine. Which is a huge milestone for our country’s science community. He was also working with colleagues to create a silicon-based quantum computer. Not to mention that Mantas Šimėnas was awarded for his research by the Lithuanian Academy of Science. Moreover, he won a contest where he and scientists around the world got a chance to meet and speak with Nobel prize winners in 2019.

The photo is taken from the interview with Mantas Šimėnas at ‘’Gimtasis Rokiškis ‘’ page.