February 22, 2021

Entangled Photons: the Light Guard on the Truth

We are inviting you to our fourth Café Scientifique lecture where the director of Integrated Optics company, Evaldas Pabrėža, will talk about how quantum optics can help us deal with the challenges of modern world.

As if the pandemic was too little of a struggle, data hacking increasingly becomes the biggest headache of the 21st century. Identity theft, digital financial crime and even digital terrorism will render all physical locks and fences useless if we can’t protect the bits and bytes we transmit on the Internet on a daily basis.

The nature of light is offering us a solution on how we will protect our data in the post-quantum era. Quantum physics will save our lives from becoming endless fake news.

Time: February 23, 6 pm

Place: MS Teams

This year Cafe Scientifique encourages you to grab a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine at home and hear our invited speakers talk about scientific research and innovations they are passionate about. These meetings are held in order to bring science from traditional academic environment to where everybody can hear about it and understand it better.

Attention! This event will be held in Lithuanian.